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For the Year 2014 there are over 1,000 Federal Programs, 24,000 State Programs, 30,000 Private Foundations and 20,000 Scholarship Programs available.

There are over 1500 Government Grant Programs administered by 57 different Federal Agencies and 50 State Governments!

Each day millions of dollars in Free Government Grants are given away to people just like you for business, personal, education and housing needs.

You can apply for as many grants as you want. Many people are not aware of this. For instance, you can get a $20,000 grant to fix your house, a $50,000 grant to start up a business and personal grants to help pay your bills! Grants never have to be paid back.

3 Easy Steps To Get Your Grant Money:

Step 1: Fill out short form to Qualify. "CLICK HERE TO APPLY"

Step 2: You will receive a complete list of Government Grants for which you qualify.

Step 3: Start applying for Grant Money.

The average family is eligible for up to $100,000 a year in benefits but doesn't know where and how to apply.

Only 12% of government programs go to the poor and 75% government programs have no income requirements at all.

As a taxpayer you are paying for over 17,000 government benefit programs worth over $1.5 trillion per year.

  • No Credit Checks, No Collateral and No Co-Signers.

  • You can apply if you have Bad Credit or Bankruptcy.

  • You do not have to repay anything to the Government.


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